Educational Consulting at Longworth Prep

I believe that each family's situation is unique. Pre-made packages don't always fit. As part of every consultation, I collaborate with the student and his or her family to build a package that is completely unique, suited to their needs and circumstances.  However, families don't always know what they don't know.  The pathway to college has changed tremendously over the past 10-20 years.  What we, as parents, knew about applying to college is no longer relevant.  So, while I tailor my services to each individual family, I also ensure that all the basics are covered.  I do this by approaching my work from an educational aspect, working from a curriculum that I develop for every session.  In that way, families don't have to worry that they haven't asked the right questions.  I will provide answers and coaching every step of the way.

College Prep begins in 8th grade

Students can choose to begin working with me as early as 8th grade.  The college resume isn't built in a year.  Careful planning provides the best opportunities to college.  To learn how to navigate high school in such a way that as many college doors are open to you as possible, begin with my High School Success Meeting and follow up with my Comprehensive College Admissions Package.  

The search for colleges should start in earnest by the junior year of high school

The Comprehensive College Admissions Package can begin in 9th, 10th or 11th grade.  I work with families on choosing classes and planning extracurricular activities outside of the school year.  Exploring careers and learning about themselves through the high school years makes students much more knowledgeable by the time they're applying to college at the beginning of 12th grade. 

If you would like to hand-select certain aspects of my services, we can design a package uniquely made for you.  Just look through the following list of services included in the Comprehensive College Admissions Package, meet with me for a free consultation, and we can decide together what's best for your family.

Pricing is available at many levels.  Families can choose individual services and pay an hourly rate or can pay an annual amount to have their own personal educational consultant available throughout the high school years. Call for a free consultation to discuss services and specific pricing.


  • Individual meetings with students
  • Personalized account with College Planner Pro, a unique organizational tool used in the college search and application process
  • College essay guidance, brainstorming and editing
  • Review of prior academic accomplishments
  • Advice on course selection
  • Recommendations for extracurricular involvement
  • Standardized testing recommendations 
  • Personality and Learning Styles Survey
  • YouScience aptitude and interest assessment to find a personalized career path
  • College Readiness assessment
  • Advice on researching colleges
  • Preparation of a list of "Best Fit" colleges, based on Academic, Social and Financial Fit
  • Advice on making successful college visits
  • Advice on creating a high school resume
  • Advice and practice for college interviews
  • Education and advice on college financing and affordability
  • Finding the best financial fit for families
  • Assistance with application timing and process
  • Financial aid and award package analysis
  • College success and transition support


8TH Graders

This package is a one-time consultation with your family during which we discuss the upcoming high school years. The meeting will last up to two hours and includes:

  • Review of academic record
  • Advice on course selection
  • Recommendations for extracurricular involvement
  • Advice on standardized testing preparation and timeline
  • Advice on creating a high school resume
  • Personal copy of Longworth Prep's Route to College book on successfully navigating high school