We found Sandy very late in our son Alex’s high school career, the summer before his senior year. It was becoming apparent that our high school counselor was not able to help Alex other than to suggest schools he had no interest in. Perhaps the counselors are spread too thin to provide the individual attention we hoped he would get. Alex wanted to apply to a top tier school, Stanford was his dream school. The essays were our primary concern and Alex was having trouble putting his life into 500 words. I found Sandy online, spoke with her and immediately felt at ease. Sandy was very busy but she made time to meet with my wife, Alex and me. My wife asked very pointed questions about her process and we left feeling very comfortable with her response. Alex met with her once a week for a few months and with her guidance wrote wonderful essays. Alex was admitted to the Stanford class of 2022 a few days ago. I cannot thank Sandy enough. I wish we would have found her Alex’s freshman year, or even while he was in middle school. Her experience and knowledge were invaluable.
— Ray Somera, St Charles, IL
Longworth Prep took the pressure (and emotions) off the parents. The objective third-party opinion is invaluable.
— Kara Bryan, Elburn, IL
Sandy gives Personal one on one attention. Sandy was awesome at building a relationship with our son and getting him to think seriously about college and future career choices. She is always available. She does her research and works hard at knowing the ins and outs of choosing a school. She took all the stress out of applying to college. We could focus on the fun stuff!
— Tory Johnson, Geneva, IL
Sandy is friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable about the college process. I loved the comprehensive notes following each student meeting. It helped my relationship with my daughter because it took the pressure off of staying on top of her for all the college deadlines. It was an amazing process watching my daughter mature under Sandy’s guidance during the college search. The whole experience exceeded our hopes!
— Jean W, Geneva, IL
Sandy went above and beyond to help our son. What started as an engagement to help coach our son on his approach to his personal essay, quickly expanded as it became clear that Sandy had way more expertise to offer 1st timers. At every every step of the process we were impressed. We appreciated her making our son the client and loved her online portal and the emails to keep us informed (at a distance). This was a great asset to our process and it gave us comfort as we saw the process working. Our son was very motivated and she knew got the most out of him. He had been admitted to Stanford and we definitely give her a lot of the credit for guiding the process.
— Parent, St Charles, IL
Sandy did an amazing job informing us as parents how to support our daughter on her journey to college. She made us aware of schools and scholarship opportunities we would not have known about if we hadn’t worked with her.
— Bethany Kural, Chicago, IL
Sandy is very organized and knowledgable in all areas of the college search. She is easy to work with. She works well with both of my children, who have different needs.
— Corrine Sandefer, Sterling, IL
Working with Sandy took significant pressure off the family as deadlines, responsibilities, and questions were directed between Sandy and the student. It afforded us the opportunity to support and encourage, rather than nag, argue, worry and fight.
— Scott W, Geneva, IL
We sought help in the college admission process late in the game and Sandy helped my daughter focus and get the job done.
— Jeanne R., Milwaukee, WI
I like Sandy’s straight forwardness and her ability to communicate effectively to both the students and her parents. Plus, you can tell that she really cares about her students and that she loves her job.
— Cathy Ostergard, Geneva, IL
Our daughter felt very comfortable working with Sandy and we both felt prepared for each new step in the process. Additionally, all our questions were answered.
— Sherrie Jo Cole, Milwaukee, WI


Sandy is like a best friend! The appointments are so thorough. Deadlines, checklists, and other information is very easy to keep track of. I continually felt very on top of everything in the college application and decision process. It is so helpful to have someone in your corner while making big decisions. Working with Sandy is worth everything. It will change your life. Her guidance has helped me (as a student) and my family feel relaxed and confident as we work towards college. No matter what you are working towards, Sandy can get you there!
I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t worked with Sandy. Her expertise and communication is phenomenal! I am so happy with how the college application process went so smoothly. It is not stressful when you have someone guiding and encouraging you the whole way through. Working with Sandy has truly changed my future! I know I am attending the best university for me because of her knowledge on numerous schools. I’ve had some big dreams and they have come true because of Sandy’s fantastic support.
— Heather House, Ponte Vedra, FL
I liked how Sandy made me feel important and motivated me to say what I was really thinking in my college essays. She helped me show that I was more than just another college applicant, and that in addition to my grades, I was a very unique and driven individual.
— Kevin Borst, Naperville, IL
Sandy’s essay workshop truly exceeded my expectations. She helped me realize the personality and depth of character a college essay can add to an application that is lacking in individuality. I came into the workshop with absolutely no topic or direction in mind, but after the first session we had discovered a subject that was unique and left me excited to get to work. Sandy creates a space that is comfortable and open where students can share their stories and determine how to best showcase their values and skills. In addition, she is an expert when it comes to grammar, word choice, and overall editing. I encourage students of all skill levels to take this workshop, the assistance Sandy provides is indispensable in writing a powerful essay.

Thank you for helping me write an essay better than any I could have done on my own. I wish every senior could be so lucky.
— Haley, Geneva, IL
Longworth Prep helped me with my essays and making sure I applied early. And I got accepted to my dream school!
— Maddie Bryan, Elburn, IL
Sandy helped me decide what is and isn’t best for me for college.
— April R., Muscatine, IA
I got great advice on which college was best for me. She helped me meet deadlines and time-manage. She really helped me edit and plan my essays and we spent a lot of time planning for my future career. I started working with her my junior year, but I wish I’d started sooner!
— Tristan Williams, Geneva, IL
I thought that the service was great (good advice on how to write letters to colleges, what to look for in colleges, and how to write specifically towards a college’s interests). I would greatly recommend this to others.
— Paul, Geneva, IL